'Glee' Season 6 Spoilers Make It Seem Like a Kurt & Blaine Wedding Is In Our Future

Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson are like the little engine that could. Their engine is a lot bigger and more vocal than it is little, but they entered the Glee couple ring pretty late in the game and still managed to make the ranks of the top contenders with Will and Emma, Finn and Rachel, and Santana and Brittany. Since the Brittana camp has received good news in the form of the couple getting back together and Heather Morris returning to Glee for the finale (and hopefully more), it's about time the Klaine camp hears some good news, too. You know what would be the best news? The Klaine wedding.

Ryan Murphy has been dropping clues left and right about what's coming up in Glee 's final season and the things he's said has been making us hopeful. Don't think that removing the tweet has made any of us forget that you promised Kurt would be married by 21, Murphy. All right, so it was less of a promise and more of an offhand statement that probably meant nothing, but to the Kurt and Blaine fans it meant everything. 21 became a significant number among the fans, as important and sacred as the word "Courage" and as Blaine's courtyard serenades.

Murphy has made promising remarks, such as that the "Kurt/Blaine saga is definitely a part of that last year in a big way", and some not-so-promising remarks, such as "we're heading toward what's going to happen to [Kurt and Blaine], you know, and they're pretty much having trouble every episode". The last time I got my hopes up about Kurt and Blaine was around the same time Blaine decided to cheat on him, so no one should judge me for biting my nails in nervousness. The evidence is just too true to deny, though.

Exhibit A: They're a Fabulous Old Married Couple.

The words came from the mouth of Kurt Hummel himself. Sure, it was buried in an episode about whether or not flirting with someone via text message counts as cheating (Blaine was going with a definitive yes on that one and Kurt vehemently disagreed), but that doesn't change the fact that long before they were ever engaged they were acting like, and being compared to, a married couple. They even went to couples' counseling.

Exhibit B: They Reconnected at a Wedding.

While all of us were busy crying into our pillows because Kurt and Blaine had been RUINED FOREVER, and pouring over ever single tiny moment they spoke to, or of, each other, Murphy had an ace up his sleeve. In the episode "I Do", which was meant to be about Will and Emma's wedding, the camera was focusing in on Kurt and Blaine getting busy in a car. Kurt Hummel, getting busy in a car! The two of them ended up hooking up at the wedding in a totally non-casually casual way, because this is a couple totally lacking in subtle marriage imagery.

Exhibit C: They're the Real Royal Couple.

Only Kurt Hummel could take a cruel prank and turn it into one of the most fabulous moments in television history. When Kurt won prom queen, it was meant to be a joke (because queen jokes are so hilarious here at McKinley High), but he wore that crown better than Kate Middleton and no one will ever convince me differently. Blaine stepped up that night as his Prince Charming in the form of one "brave, handsome, bushy haired boyfriend", so what more proof do you need that the Klaine wedding is going to be more epic than the royal wedding?

Exhibit D: Blaine Made Kurt a Promise Ring.

Remember that deleted scene that Ryan Murphy released on Twitter and YouTube as an addendum to season 3's "Extraordinary Merry Christmas"? It might not be canon, but it was the proposal we had to hold on to before the actual proposal came around. As if Blaine making Kurt a promise ring out of his favorite gum wrappers wasn't enough, he added a heartwarming speech promising to make sure Kurt remembers how perfectly imperfect he is. The fact that Kurt's answer didn't change after two seasons and a cheating scandal really says something about the lasting power of this couple.

Ryan Murphy may have been joking about Kurt getting married at 21 or, worse, didn't necessarily mean that Kurt would be married to Blaine. However, it would be a perfect way to show how far Kurt has come from how isolated and (badly) closeted he was in the first season. At the very least, here's hoping that Klaine doesn't break up again.

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