Demi Lovato's Cover of Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love" Could Have Been Better — VIDEO

When Demi Lovato performed on iHeart Radio Live on Monday, she set expectations kind of high when she decided to cover Ed Sheeran. She gushed that it was one of her favorite songs and her version of it did communicate that very easily, but it didn't wow as much as it could have. When you compare Lovato's cover to the original song, it doesn't sound that much different aside from the fact that it's sung by a woman instead of a man.

Lovato has been having a rough month. Her beloved Lovatics have been attacking Kathy Griffin so much that the police got involved, she's had to take to Twitter to speak out against rude tabloids, and that's all after the nude picture scandal. She put that emotion into a speech that prefaced her performance of her own song, "Warrior".

"No matter what you go through, whether it is a mental illness, being bullied at school, or cutting, having a substance abuse issue, or an eating disorder, don't be afraid to ask for help. That's what I did," she said. "...I want you all to know that you saved your own life, and you should be very proud of yourself."

Still, there was something a little lacking from her "Give Me Love" cover. It wasn't bad. With the maturity and grace she brought to the song, and her own personal knack for belting out and holding a note, it was impossible for it to be bad. It just sounded basic, interchangeable with the real song, nothing new, nothing fresh, and nothing that really made it Lovato's own. There's nothing wrong with staying true to the original when it comes to a song like that, but Lovato has given more exciting performances. This one really doesn't hold a candle to the rest.

Watch her performance below.

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