Chris Tolleson from 'Are You The One?' Redeems Himself By Rescuing A Stranger

Chris Tolleson is a reality show winner and a hero: The Are You the One? contestant rescued someone. And no, I’m talking about when he snuck into the AYTO? house to hook up with his one true love/not Perfect Match Shanley McIntee after he’d been banished to the Honeymoon Suite. Tolleson told TMZ that he and a group of friends saved a guy from a fiery car wreck a few weeks ago. Whoa.

Tolleson said he and his buddies were driving around Virginia Beach when they happened upon a car that had not only crashed into a tree, but was on fire. Yikes. The guys snapped into action and hurried over to scene of the accident. The driver was MIA, but they found an unconscious man in the passenger seat. A tree had trapped the man in the car, so Tolleson and his friends pulled the tree back and dragged the man out.

A few minutes after Tolleson & co. carried the unconscious man out of the car, the car blew up. Whoa, whoa, WHOA. That’s some scary shit. Tolleson and his friends suffered first degree burns, and Tolleson said he’d been cut up by the tree. According to TMZ, the victim was seriously injured, and his current status is "unknown."

Way to snap into action, dudes. This is a pretty redeeming move for the AYTO? star. He seemed like a nice enough guy on the show (unlike the other Chris. Sorry to put you on blast, Chris Scali, but you put the "Scal" in "scalawag"), but my perspective shifted a little during the reunion. Maybe I’m too hung up on this, but during the reunion, he was caught in a bit of a pickle when Perfect Match Paige Brendel revealed he’d asked her for nude pics post-show. Why on earth would this be an issue? They’re Perfect Matches, after all! They should be free to nudie pic their faces off if they so desire.

Herein lies the problem: Tolleson was (and is) one half of the star-crossed couple that was (and is) Chris T. and Shanley. Brendel is not McIntee. Yes, I understand that Tolleson and McIntee were on a break at the time, but text-flirting with a fellow cast mate is salt on the wound. Of course it was going to get back to McIntee, aka Tolleson's soulmate. Tolleson probably should've thought twice about asking Brendel for nudies, ya dig? Kind of an icky move.

But hey, who am I kidding? They’re just pics. In the grand scheme of things, really not that big of a deal. You know what is actually a majorly big deal? RISKING YOUR OWN LIFE TO SAVE ANOTHER PERSON’S LIFE. My hat's off to you, Tolleson and friends!

Sending good vibes the car crash victim’s way. Hope he's okay!

Image: MTV