Kim Kardashian Poses For High-Fashion Photo Shoot & Gets Tricked Into Complicated Insult

Kim Kardashian may have just gotten tricked by a French fashion designer during a mermaid-themed photo shoot; although, if she did, that might be what she gets for putting herself into such an absurd situation. Kim Kardashian posed for Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing while visiting Paris. Kardashian has been seen walking around the city in Balmain dresses with Kanye West, so I guess it makes sense that while there, she'd wake up early, head to the Château Louis XIV and let Rousteing take pictures of her taking pictures of herself.

If we work with the assumption that all of this is totally normal, the captions that Rousteing used for the many pictures of the shoot he posted on Instagram are still strange. It sounds like he's calling Kardashian selfish, but using a play on words in order to reach that conclusion. Namely the word "self," referring to selfie, and "fish," referring to the fish in the background of the photos. He might just think it's funny to have the words "self" and "fish" next to each other to make "selfish," but it also really seems like he might think it's funny because he can get away with calling Kardashian selfish.

Now look here, I'm not one of these people who goes around saying Kardashian is dumb and would be too naive to know what is going on, it's just that there has been talk in the past of photographers possibly pulling things over on her during shoots, so she should be on high alert. There was that really weird series taken by Karl Lagerfeld and then the Kardashian Kristmas Kard shot by David LaChappelle that... seemed to mean things.

As for the Rousteing shoot, he captioned many of the photos things like, "SELF #FISH #MORNINGMERMAID #PARIS #FUN #Mornigmonday" and "SELF#FISH @kimkardashian @olivier_rousteing #Funnaymonday." It's not a funny joke on it's own — "self" plus "fish" equals "selfish" and there were fish around — which makes me think that it was some sort of commentary.

Or maybe I'm just reading too much into this and as Hollywood Life suggests, they were just chillin' and discussing wedding dress plans. Perhaps the truth will come out at her wedding. If she's in a Balmain dress and it's hideous, we know Rousteing is up to no good. If she's in a Balmain dress and it's gorgeous, then we'll know Rousteing just likes silly wordplay.

Images: Olivier Rousteing/Instagram