Simon Cowell Wants Kesha to Be a Judge on 'X Factor' but That's a Very Bad Idea

No, no, I don’t want it to be true! Reportedly, infamous reality show meanie Simon Cowell wants Kesha to be a judge on The X Factor in the U.K., alongside himself, Cheryl Cole, and Louis Walsh. A source told The Mirror, “Simon has held numerous conversations and is keen on Kesha. He thinks she’s edgy and would appeal to a different audience [than] the other three.” I’ve got two words for Cowell: back off.

Kesha is so young! She’s not even five years into her mainstream pop career and she’s still churning out hits — it’s way too soon for her to get sucked into judging a singing competition. This is a very bad idea, Animals. X Factor would only delay the release of new music, and something tells me Kesha has a lot of interesting things to say right now.

It all started when Kesha was recording her surprisingly good 2012 album, Warrior. (Hey, I’m a Kesha stan through and through, but even I can admit to being surprised by Warrior’s quality.) Fans didn’t have all the details, but Kesha’s relationship with hit-maker Dr. Luke, who executive produced Animal, Cannibal, and Warrior, seemed strained. Soon after Warrior’s release, the “Free Ke$ha” campaign began, led by a group of fans claiming that Dr. Luke has a stranglehold over Kesha’s career and is forcing her to record radio-ready pop music against her will.

But things got really serious when Kesha checked into rehab for an eating disorder at the beginning of this year. Kesha’s mother, Pebe Sebert, told People Magazine that Dr. Luke’s relentless, vicious comments about Kesha’s weight were what caused her daughter’s problem in the first place. Whoa. It’s entirely possible, but I’m personally waiting to hear it from Kesha’s mouth before I believe it.

Which brings me to my point: we want to hear Kesha’s side of the story. Kesha is an incredibly talented writer with a wicked tongue — can you even imagine what kind of musical lashings she has in store for Dr. Luke if all of this stuff turns out to be true?? Something tells me that Kesha has come out of this whole ordeal with some truly exciting tracks that the public needs to hear.

Kesha’s RCA Records contract doesn’t prohibit her from working with producers other than Dr. Luke, so hopefully fans will get to hear some very informative, very eye-opening material in the near future. At this point, a judging stint on X Factor would just be a pointless distraction. Kesha needs to get back to doing what she does best: making music.

Stay away, Cowell.