A Slacker's Guide to Easter: How to Throw a Bunny Bash For Your Friends

Easter is almost here, hooray! You've got another excuse (not like you needed one) to throw a party. But in case you've been slacking off in the planning department, here's the rundown on everything you need in order to throw a killer grownup Easter fête for your friends. From decorations to drinks, we've got you covered. So get your party shoes on!

Get Some Eggs in the Mix

Invite your friends to up their egg-dyeing game with these gorgeous designs. They’re just begging to be posted to Instagram.

Image: Miss Renaissance

Make some Garlands

Garlands are a quick and easy way to get your place looking party-ready in no time. Here are 10 of our favorite ways to make them at home. Get, garlanding!

Image: Beautiful Mess

Do Something Different

Make your Easter party memorable by doing something different. Throw a wine tasting or organize a home version of bar trivia. The more creative and unconventional, the more fun!

Image: Coordinately Yours

Think big batches when it comes to booze

If you don’t want to be stuck on refill duty all night, make big-batch drinks for your guests to enjoy, like pitchers of sangria or bowls of punch. Try one of these tasty recipes.

Image: The Kitchn

Feed your friends

Whether it’s a sit-down lamb dinner or some deviled egg appys, everyone knows a party is always better when there’s something to munch on. So don’t forget the food.

Image: Coordinately Yours

Go Festive for Dessert

Put a festive Easter touch on a number of your favorite desserts by making some DIY Easter toppers. It will satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth and recommended daily dose of “awww.”

Image: Studio DIY