Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry Check Up With Dr. Drew In Depressing 'Teen Mom 2' Reunion

Woo, nelly. Teen Mom 2: Check Up With Dr. Drew Part 1 was not an easy breezy, entertainingly dramatic, laugh-a-minute romp of a television show reunion special. No, ma'am. I knew not to expect any huge hilarious reveals or any LOL moments, but shoot. Things got real. Like, really real. I am new to the series, and because I started watching mid-season, a lot of the scenes from the highlight reels were brand new to me. And some of 'em were fairly heavy. And yeah, I was feeling some things. During Tuesday night's hour-long "check up," Dr. Drew Pinsky chatted with Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, their husbands, and their exes. We revisited (or in my case, visited for the first time) some of the bigger moments of the season. The Leah and Kailyn moments, that is.

So what did I take from the first part of the Dr. Drew check up? A few notes:

  • Ali’s diagnosis is horribly devastating. I really don't know what else there is to say about it. Tuesday night, Leah, Corey Simms, and Jeremy Calvert discussed Ali's rare and scary condition with Dr. Drew. Ali's mom, dad, and stepdad seem to be doing what they can for the little lady.
  • Could a body language expert please analyze Leah’s reaction to Jeremy saying he wants to have another kid?
  • I didn't know that Kailyn is bipolar, nor did I know that she has physically lashed out at Javi Marroquin in the past (new viewer, remember?), so hearing she’d lost her temper and slapped him the night before the reunion really surprised me.
  • Kailyn's lipstick color looked great on her.
  • I totally Annie and Shirley'd when Javi said he and Isaac are even closer now than they were before Lincoln's birth. And I Annie and Shirley'd again when Kailyn talked about Isaac's love for Lincoln. Adorabs.
  • When Dr. Drew suggested Javi talk to Jo Rivera directly about his issues with him, rather than expect Kailyn to discuss said issues with Jo because Javi might be able to get through to Jo in a way Kailyn can't, I wrote down, "Wait, what? Would that actually work?" But what do I know? I'm not Dr. Drew.
  • ...If Javi is ever willing to talk to Jo, that is. The tension between Jo and Javi pre and post-apology? EESH.

Where are Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska? What happened? Oh, right. Tuesday's was ep was only the first half of the special. Next week, Jenelle and Chelsea will take a seat on the Check Up With Dr. Drew Part 2 couch. And yes, Barbara Evans will most definitely be in the house.

Image: MTV