6 Brutal 'Game of Thrones' Face Offs We Can Expect in Sunday's Episode — VIDEO

In Westeros, you win or you die. So, last week, we saw King Joffrey SPOILER ALERT not win — in other words, R.I.P. But a Joff-free (pun much?) Westeros does not mean we are devoid of conflict. In fact, thanks to the brief trailer for Sunday's Game of Thrones , we know we are in for some serious face offs.

Here are some that we can expect for the next episode, which airs on April 20.

Tyrion Vs. The Law

So, obviously Tyrion has been accused of poisoning Joffrey, thanks to an angry Cersei. What's next for Tyrion is a face-off with the lawmakers and the courts of King's Landing — they are the ones who will determine his fate. Interestingly enough, the imprisoned Tyrion suggests that whoever poisoned Joffrey wanted to see Tyrion in trouble — in other words, a framing — which means that the plot is way thicker than we could have imagined. But hey, it is Game of Thrones, after all. Regardless, now we've got Tyrion and his fate at stake.

Margaery Vs. Olenna

While this will likely be a lady-like face-off — also known as a "tense discussion" in some folks' lexicons — we know that Olenna will have multiple word for Margaery. Could this fight have to do with one of the two of them being involved in Joffrey's poisoning? Also, can someone PLEASE give Diana Rigg her own show? Game of Thorns, a spinoff about Olenna? Please? Also, let's have a separate spinoff for Margaery's hair and fashion choices.

Jon Snow Vs. The Wildlings

With the Wildlings, it isn't often verbal sparring so much as it is bow-and-arrowing (see: how Ygritte deals with a break up. Men of Westeros should avoid her Tinder profile at all costs.) When the Wildlings attack, shit gets dangerous. But Jon Snow is our bastard of a hero! Maybe he does know something!

Jaime Vs. Cersei

The subtext of any gaze between the two of them from now on is: "THIS DEAD CHILD IS OUR PRODUCT OF INCEST. IT'S YOUR FAULT."

This is the sub-subtext of anything Cersei says: "THAT GOLD HAND, GODDAMMIT."

Davos Vs. Stannis

Look, Davos is not happy with Stannis letting his Red Lady, Melisandre, run amok with her dark magic — sorry, light magic. Anyway, cool to see Stannis do more than just stare at his table and ponder! But we do know that Stannis is going to defend Melisandre because she's prone to do that leech-on-a-dick thing. Never fun.

Danaerys Vs. All Of Mereen

The Mother of Dragons — rather than simply facing off with the slaver nation — is just gonna start a war and launch shit. It looks like she's starting to generate the spirit of someone who could truly take over the Iron Throne (since she technically is the rightful heir, dating back through Westeros's history). What's that spirit? You know, the killing, vengeful, violent spirit! Remember? You win, or you die. Which begs the question: once — and, well, if — Danaerys does indeed win the throne — how many people will have to die? Will it be at the expense of... civilization? Ponder that for a bit.

Anyway, you can check out the trailer below!

Images: HBO