'Real World' Producers Bunim/Murray Have Exciting New Project in the Works

When the production company that's responsible for such literally life-changing material as The Real World, Road Rules, and the Real World/Road Rules Challenge announce they have a new project in the works, you listen. Bunim/Murray Productions and AEG Live have teamed up to produce a new docu-series called Living With Def Leppard, and they're currently shopping around the multi-episode series to network execs.

As far as we're concerned, Bunim/Murray can do no wrong, so to say we're excited feels like somewhat of an understatement.

The show follows the legendary late '70s, early '80s band as they perform all over the world to sold-out crowds. When not on tour, they're at home in Las Vegas, and the Bunim/Murray cameras will be there, as well, to capture what happens when aging rock stars stop being polite, and start getting real.

The show is selling itself as a candid, authentic look into the life of a rock star from the musician's point of view, and will feature interviews with the band members as they reminisce about the past, and wax poetic about the future.

Johnathon Murray says:

"By taking viewers inside the performance we will capture the music and the personal stories of the band members, juxtaposed with the memories of their devoted followers. By bringing together these bands, AEG and Hard Rock Hotel, we've built a team that will deliver music documentary at its best."

All we ask is that T.J. Lavin host, and we're in. All in.