"We Can't Stop" Does Reference Drugs, Says Miley

by Kate Ward

In her video for "We Can't Stop," Miley Cyrus makes out with a doll, slaps co-stars' asses, and sticks out her tongue so many times, it's shocking it didn't end up on a frozen pole. Yet, according to a new interview with The Daily Mail, the singer is disappointed many can't see how hardcore "We Can't Stop" really is.

Cyrus says that not only was her video "heavily edited" by MTV UK (a gesture referencing oral sex was blocked), but the singer says the track is much less risqué than she intended it to be. Just see to the "dance with molly" — and not "dance with Miley" — drug reference that Cyrus has admitted to including in the song. "If you're aged 10, [the lyric is] Miley, if you know what I'm talking about, then you know," she said. "I just wanted it to be played on the radio and they've already had to edit it so much." (For the uninitiated, "molly" is a type of MDMA, a chemical used in the better-known drug ecstasy.)

Continued Cyrus, "I don't think people have a hard time understanding that I've grown up. You can Google me and you know what I'm up to — you know what that lyric is saying."

But, strangely enough, it seems Cyrus is disappointed that some of her audience isn't growing up quickly alongside her. As Cyrus herself references in the interview, she's hardly the first pop star to deviate from a former good girl image (remember Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave 4 U"?), but artists like Spears and Christina Aguilera never complained about whether the radio censored their less-than-PG content. Because it was simply a given — it's bad business for a radio station to highlight lyrics about sex and drugs when parents and children are often included in a listening audience. If one of Cyrus' 10-year-old fans can enjoy an edited version of the pop song (in the same way that we enjoyed edited versions of "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" without fully knowing its content), why be upset that fans weren't able to hear a nastier version of the tune?

Look, despite Cyrus' Disney backgrounds (and her status as a still-youthful 20-year-old), we shouldn't force the starlet into a role model pigeonhole. But for every fan who loves Cyrus as this:

There's a fan who loves Cyrus as this:

So why not be happy that you're making them both happy with just a few bleeps?