Joe Biden Just Joined Instagram, And Kicked Things Off By Posting The Most Joe Biden Photo Ever

On Wednesday, an amazing thing happened: Joe Biden joined Instagram. That's right — the VPOTUS and second-in-command to the Commander in Chief is now on Instagram. (Imagine how awesome the Oval Office looks in Lo-Fi.) He quickly garnered himself more than 2,000 followers, and his first, rather sena Instapic was posted at approximately 12:30 p.m. Joe Biden's account, aptly and simply titled "vp," now has 6,015 followers. And as we add ourselves to the list, make that 6,016.

The lone photo on his account could not be more perfect. It shows the vice president looking very vice presidential in the background, with his trademark aviators featured prominently in the foreground. Who knew Mr. Vice President was such an artistic man?

The White House Twitter account certainly took notice of Biden's new Instagram presence, drawing the attention of its 4.74 million followers to the VP's latest antics. This time, however, far from being one of Biden's classic gaffes (remember when he called himself the president?), it was a very classic photo that caught the White House's eye.

Seriously, could that photo be any more Biden?

Really, we only wish that the Vice President had joined Instagram earlier. Here are 5 moments that would've that we hope can be retroactively made into the greatest Instapics of all time...

1. When Joe Biden dropped the F-bomb. Oh, to have seen his face.

tpmtv on YouTube

2. "Barack America."

72390587192034 on YouTube

3. Joe Biden: The Biker.

4. When Joe Biden asked a paraplegic senator to stand up.

Brad Belote on YouTube

5. When Joe Biden couldn't stop giggling about SNL.

aviix on YouTube