Taylor Swift's Video Diary of Fan's Bridal Shower Is the Most Taylor Swifty Thing Ever

When Taylor Swift flew to Ohio on Sunday to attend a superfan's bridal shower, the bride-to-be wasn't the only one who documented the day's events. As revealed by a video Swift posted on Wednesday, she herself (or at least her entourage) also recorded every moment of the day, from hopping on the plane to posing with the future groom. In the video, Swift is shown surprising the fan, singing in the car, and presenting hand-made gifts, all while a cameraperson records each and every reaction — in short, it's the most Taylor Swift-ish video of any the singer has shared, and that's including the one where she wore a fedora and danced with Jessica Szohr.

The 10 most Taylor Swift-ish things about "Surprising Gena," below:

1. The Fact that the Video Exists At All

Swift has a tendency to document every major event in her life, which wouldn't a big deal if she didn't feel that major events included standing under trees and cutting off her hair. With a definition that broad, recording her surprising a fan at a bridal shower actually seems pretty understandable, but that's not to say it was necessary. Gena's own tweets and photos should've been enough, and proof that Swift doesn't feel the need to publicize every "good deed" she does. Still, the video is cute, so we can't be entirely annoyed that Swift made it in the first place.

2. The Red Lipstick and Cat-Eye Makeup

This being Swift's trademark look, it'd make the list no matter what. The fact that it's being worn at what's probably 4 or 5 A.M., though, solidifies its inclusion. Only Swift would manage to look that good, that early. Damn celebrities.

3. The Excitement Over Attending a Bridal Shower

The video may be for publicity, but there's no denying that Swift really, really wanted to go to Gina's shower. Early on, the singer reveals that she's never been to a bridal shower, and one can only imagine how much she was looking forward to getting to attend her first one. An event celebrating weddings, dresses, and girly-girl gifts? It's Swift's dream come true.

4. The Ridiculous Amount of Gifts

Bring just one gift to a bridal shower? Hell, no! Swift knows that real attendees bring dozens of presents, including homemade cookies and a custom-made painting, not to mention "all the other presents in another car." Excessive (but heartfelt) gift-giving is so Swift.

5. The Use of "Sweeter Than Fiction"

No, Taylor, it is not acceptable to play your own song in the background of a video you made celebrating someone else's wedding shower, even if the song is really catchy and appropriate for the occasion.


6. The Car Singing

Please, let "going to the bridal shower/gonna wear pastels/gonna go to the bridal shower/gonna give her some presents" not be a lyric from Swift's upcoming album.

7. The Awkward Hug

It wasn't her fault, seeing as she was holding a heavy basket in one hand, but the awkward, uncomfortable-looking hug Swift gave Gaby was so Taylor Swift.

8. The Guy Who Couldn't Care Less

When Swift walks into the room, nearly all of the attendees perk up, and some even cheer — typical things you'd expect from a group of women who'd presumably had no idea Taylor Swift was joining their party. When Swift hugs Gaby's fiance, Brian, he looks like he couldn't care less. Guys just don't understand.

9. The Extra "G's" in "Watching"

At the end of the video, Swift adds in a personal note to Gena, thanking her for inviting Swift into her life all these years. Then, the singer addresses the video's viewers, although a bit less eloquently: "thanks for watchinggggg." It's the thought that counts, right?

10. The Cuteness of It All

Yeah, the video is self-congratulatory, but the knowledge that Swift flew all the way to Ohio to make a superfan's dream come true is pretty great. Most celebrities would politely decline such an invitation, if they even responded at all; Swift, though, went above and beyond, because that's the kind of thing she does. She may like her fair share of attention, but when it comes to what matters, the singer's heart's always in the right place.

Images: TaylorSwift.com