Which of These 6 'Mad Men' Theories About Megan Draper are Real?

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I'm not sure if there's anything the Internet loves more than speculating and theorizing about their favorite TV shows. I mean, it's really, really fun to do (our personal conspiracy allegiance lies with Doctor Who ), and with this being the last season of AMC's epic and iconic series, Mad Men, naturally fan theories are operating at Defcon 0. It seems like every day there is a new story of an actor on the show having to refute (or, more likely) vaguely tiptoe around a potential series spoiler. Like when Jon Hamm spoke about Megan Draper Tuesday.

Because has there ever been a show as vague and simultaneously telling as Matthew Weiner's Mad Men? It's perfect for the speculation train thanks to its very well-thought-out and carefully plotted story points, in addition to being just mysterious enough to get tongues wagging. And no other character has been so harped upon (with the exception of "Not Great!" Bob Benson, natch) than Don's second wife, Megan Draper.

Theories about her character have taken over the Internet, growing increasingly crazy as the days wane on. So we decided to test you: which of these theories are real and which are totally made up?

Breeze through our slideshow and see if you can pick out the true ones versus the lies we made up.

Images: AMC

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