Will 'Parenthood' Have A Season 6? We're Hopeful & Here's Why

Guys, I'm about to start crying, and per usual, it's because of Parenthood's impending Season 5 finale. However, this time my never-ending tears aren't being caused by a particularly heart-wrenching scene in the family drama — I'm crying because the show has yet to be renewed for a sixth season. That's right, the powers that be have not given a green light to Season 6 of Parenthood .

Now, I know what you're thinking: "What the actual hell is going on over at NBC?" And you're more than right to be thinking that. The Braverman family has given viewers five seasons of laughter, love, and emotional highs and lows (which are strangely addicting), and at this point, it's not fair to pull the plug on them. But don't you dig into that pint of Phish Food just yet because there's still a chance we'll get to see all of the Bravermans around their picturesque outdoor dinner table again.

According to NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt, he's hopeful that Parenthood will live another day.

On top of that, even though ratings have dropped under 4 million overall (compared to time slot rival Scandal's 9 million), there's a chance that the ratings of the season finale could help boost its on-the-bubble standing. But in the end, all I know is that I'm not ready to let go of Parenthood — there are too many fantastic plot lines that we need to see unfold:

1. Haddie has a girlfriend, and that really needs to be explored.

I repeat, Haddie has a girlfriend. This is some of the most exciting news ever, and we're only going to see one episode worth of their relationship unless the show is renewed. Haddie has been MIA for so long that it's only fair that we get to see more of her.


2. Joel and Julia still have a lot to resolve.

The good news is that Katims revealed that the Joel and Julia story in the finale "will give people something to hope for." I'm just hoping it means we'll get to see them together again in Season 6.

3. Sara, Amber, and Drew all have serious relationship issues that need to be fixed.

Their branch of the family can't seem to figure love out, and I just want a chance to see them all happy.

4. Zeek and Camille deserve their time to shine.

Man, Season 5 was filled with a lot of grief for the patriarch and matriarch of the Braverman family. They need some good old rest and relaxation... on the screens of our TVs.

5. Adam and Kristina need to finish their charter school.

Peter Krause, who plays Adam, is obviously optimistic that the show will get renewed: Adam and Kristina "might find they’re biting off more than they can chew next season. It will certainly add to everything they have to juggle in their lives."

Images: Parenthood/NBC (6)