Who Should Dustin Hook Up With on 'The Challenge: Free Agents'? Probably Not Jessica

Only one episode of MTV's The Challenge: Free Agents has aired so far, but things are already getting pretty steamy in the house. Dustin Zito, who starred on the Las Vegas season of The Real World back in 2011, is being pursued by not one but two ladies: Jessica from last year's Portland season and Emilee from 2009's Cancun season. Based on the preview of tonight's episode on MTV.com, Jessica seems to be winning (so to speak), but is that a good thing? Let's look at the facts:

Jessica, as we learned from her time on The Real World, is a somewhat naive daddy's girl who likes her relationships to move fast. Remember Tyler? You know, the guy whose picture she plastered all over her room after maybe a few weeks of dating? She's like Veruca Salt when it comes to commitment — she wants it now.

Meanwhile, Dustin has a history of dabbling in gay porn, which according to him, was simply to pay the bills. Good for him. There is nothing wrong with (safe) porn. Everyone should have all the (safe) sex they want. But, again, Jessica is a bit of a priss. You can tell she has super traditional views about relationships, and something tells me porn doesn't fit into those views. Plus, this is something Dustin struggled with when his past porncapades were revealed to his The Real World housemates and his then-girlfriend and costar Heather freaked out on him.

So we have to wonder — if not Jessica, who should Dustin hook up with on The Challenge? We have some ideas.


Considering she already has the hots for Dustin, Emilee is the obvious choice. Plus, her parents are therapists, which has probably helped keep her open-minded growing up — perfect for Dustin, who doesn't need a girlfriend judging him for his past shenanigans.


While on her own season of The Real World in Cancun, Jonna had a threesome with a dude and her housemate Ayiiia. Assuming her attitudes about sex haven't changed, she probably wouldn't care all that much about the whole gay porn thing.


Camila comes off as something of a free spirit (and she even kind of looks like Dustin's ex, Heather) who wouldn't really care how Dustin used to pay his bills.


Perhaps Dustin simply enjoys sex, in general, and Frank is a babe. Although, Frank was kind of a bundle of anger on his season of The Real World. Unless he's calmed down in the three years since, any relationship he tries on the show might end up a mess.

All that said, Jessica might surprise me and not even care that Dustin has had sex with men (but probably not). Guess we'll have to wait for Thursday's episode to find out.

Images: MTV (5)