Yep, 'TVD's Paul Wesley & 'The Originals' Phoebe Tonkin Are Dating And They're Adorable

It's nearly impossible to find photographic proof on Paul Wesley or Phoebe Tonkin's social media profiles of their relationship. But if you hunt long enough on the Internet, you'll find something — so yes, Tonkin and Wesley are still dating. The stars of The CW's two vampire dramas — The Vampire Diaries and The Originals — are possibly in the most secretive relationship of all time. Tonkin and Wesley are rarely photographed together and have yet to make any official public appearances as a couple at any events. They're as mysterious as the vampire and werewolf they play on The CW, but let's investigate.

In July 2013, Wesley announced that he was divorcing Torrey DeVito, his wife of two years, who plays Melissa on Pretty Little Liars (she briefly guest-starred on TVD as well). And in Sept. 2013, it was revealed that the TVD actor had started dating another costar, Tonkin, when the pair were seen cozying it up at Soho House. Since then, however, little has been seen or heard from the pair from neither their social media accounts or paparazzi. (Probably because they spend most of their time in Atlanta, far, far away from L.A.)

Around New Years' 2014, another former TVD costar Nathaniel Buzolic (Original vampire Kol) posted a photo on his Instagram account of himself with the twosome on the beach in Tonkin and Buzolic's native Australia.

But after this, the pair disappeared off the map yet again, leaving diehard fans wondering whether or not they were still together. Fan accounts on Twitter post photos that appear to be selfies of the couple from time to time, but they aren't sourced from Tonkin or Wesley's accounts. So are they or are they not still dating? And were they ever dating to begin with? Here's the most recent evidence from the stars' actual Instagram accounts that they might have a little something going on. On Mar. 2 Wesley posted this photo of himself walking a cat:

A cat that looks remarkably like Tonkin's cat, who she regularly posts adorable photos of herself cuddling with, like this one from Apr. 9:

As a cat lover myself, I wouldn't let just anyone take care of my cats — let alone bring them outside. So either Tonkin and Wesley are really great friends or they're absolutely dating. Why else would she trust him with her furry BFF? SHE WOULDN'T.

Other related evidence that they're probably romantically involved — they follow each other on Twitter. And we all know via Miley Cyrus and Naya Rivera that following your significant other and the subsequent unfollowing when you separate is a clear indication of celebrity relationships these days. So, ha, Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin — you can't hide from us.

Images: Klaudia_TVD/Twitter, NateBuzz/Instagram PaulVedere/Instagram, PhoebeJTonkin/Instagram