31 Things Only Quarter System Students Understand

A whopping 70 percent of American colleges have semesters. But the other thirty percent of us know there's another academic calendar out there: the quarter system. The quarter system means you get ten weeks of classes and one week of finals for each of the seasons. There are, of course, lots of benefits to the quarter system. But love it or hate it, there are some things you can only understand once you've been through it. Here are a few.

Your Summer Starts Way Later Than Everyone Else's

Unfortunately, no summer for you until mid-June.

So While Your High School Friends Are Partying

You're Like

And just when Your Summer's finally Getting Started

all your friends leave

And You're Stuck Waiting Until the End of September, Alone

Which means by the time school starts, you're all

...For About a Week, that is.

Your Semester-School Friends Don't Think Your Course Load Sounds Heavy

Even Though You Know the Truth

and No, it's not called Trimesters

It's the quarter system.

You Have No Idea What a Maymester or a J-Term Is

Like seriously, what are these things?

Professors Think That Only Having Ten Weeks To Teach Means this should be your life

More reading!

your Midterms Never End

I once had a midterm during tenth week. What exactly is "mid term" about tenth week?

And You Don't Get Nearly Enough Time For Reading Period

still, there are some advantages

You Get To Take More Classes Than Semester Kids

Which Means You Get To Meet More Professors

And It's Easier to Double Major

Though If You Play Sports, good luck with that

Your season will never match up with your school schedule.

And If You're Involved In Theater

Just try getting a musical together in only ten weeks.

Actually, Chances Are That Any Extracurriculars Are Pretty Intense

Winter Quarter is Of The Devil

Who wouldn't want to spend an entire academic unit without seeing the sun?

But Spring Is Pretty Fun

...Until Finals Start

And Your high school Friends Are All Texting to see If You're Home Yet

"I'm still in school ... Yes, still."

still, Even Though You Complain About Quarter System Like Crazy

You Secretly Kind of Love It

And In The End, You Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

Or at least, let's tell ourselves that until it's summer