Pastel Makeup: Not Just for Easter Eggs Anymore

'Tis the season for a new Easter dress, a bonnet trimmed in flowers, songs about new life, and crocuses springing through cracks in the sidewalk. Maybe you're even lucky enough to have a mom/kid/friend who will join you in dyeing Easter eggs every shade of the pastel rainbow, in which case, these pale-hued makeup looks will make sure you look at least as good as your Easter basket. Why should the eggs co-opt all the color?

Image: @emmafaymua/Instagram

by Tori Telfer

Lavender Hair

Blonde hair can easily go lavender for the day with a temporary wash of color. The less committed can go wild with the pastel hair chalk.

Image: @designlovefest/Instagram

Lavender Brows

Set off your Easter eyeshadow with a brow worthy of all the attention. (Hint: hair chalk, take two.)

Image: @hethaartheater/Instagram

Coral Blush

Apply it extra high on your cheekbones for a really flushed look.

Image: @bombshellboutiqueofficial/Instagram

Coral Lipstick

Matte and patted on with a finger, please.

Image: @zoeygrossman/Instagram

Yellow Lipstick

We tried it once so you didn’t have to, and it turns out yellow lipstick is just the nude lip’s cool cousin.

Image: @emmafaymua/Instagram

Yellow Eyeshadow

It’s like highlighter. Literal highlighter. You’ll glow.

Image: @_sarahlivingstone/Instagram

Blush Eyeshadow

Skip the heavy eye makeup today and dust blush up to your brow bone.

Image: @lotstar/Instagram

Blush Nails

This color is barely holding on to its status as pink, and that’s how we like it.

Image: @ellibelli91/Instagram

Mint Lipstick

It’s a commitment, but so is everything worth having.

Image: @thelipstation/Instagram

Mint Under the Eyes

Use a warm color on your eyelid to contrast with the icy hue below.

Image: @eyeshadowjunkie/Instagram

Baby Blue Cat-eye

A heavy black cat-eye has no role in the Easter festivities, but you can keep your favorite flick if you just lighten up a bit.

Image: @fatimahearts/Instagram

Baby Blue Everywhere

Dust the palest blue eyeshadow above, below, and to the sides of your eyes. Stick to a pastel blue with lots of white in it, and you’ll be safe.

Image: @2cmanage/Instagram

White Mascara

You won’t look like a zombie if you don’t act like a zombie.

Image: @_misty_castles/INstagram

White Eyeliner

Easter eggs look naturally good in this color, and you will, too.

Image: @zoeygrossman/Instagram