Hannah and Adam Will Be Happy, But Not For Long

The last time we saw Hannah Horvath and the rest of the Girls, things weren't looking so good. The third season finale left all four of their futures up in the air, but especially Hannah's. After telling Adam that she was accepted into the Iowa Writers' Workshop just minutes before his big Broadway debut, the couple got into a pretty major fight. Hannah went home to excitedly hold her acceptance letter and we've since learned that she will definitely be going to Iowa. That's why it was so surprising to see Girls set photos of Hannah and Adam happily strolling through New York together.

In a series of photos released on Thursday, Lena Dunham and Adam Driver are blissfully holding hands, smiling and kissing for HBO's cameras. It seems that despite that ambiguous ending, Hannah and Adam didn't break up in the finale and when season four starts next year they'll still be a couple. But for any fans of the pair, don't get your hopes up. This lovey-dovey phase probably won't last long.

Does Adam, the guy who made Shoshanna wait in a motel hallway so he could have sex with Hannah during their one-night trip, seem like someone who could do a long-distance relationship? And if season three proved anything, it's that Adam and Hannah are not capable of being healthy together. They can be happy, sure, but their relationship was extremely codependent, something that would be hard to translate to long distance.

Plus, it's Girls. The show has spent full seasons destroying characters and bringing them to their absolute lowest. Just look at Shosh. It would be against the show's nature to let Hannah be fulfilled both personally and professionally at the same time. If somehow her and Adam do end up staying together the whole time she's gone, expect the Writers' Workshop to not be quite the experience Hannah is expecting.

Maybe the photos are from Hannah and Adam's last few days in New York together, or he's planning on going to Iowa with her, only to be pulled back to New York by another acting opportunity. Check out one of the photos below, just don't get too used to seeing the happy couple.