13 Nonfiction Books About Famous Literary Groups

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When two or more legendary writers gather together, there will be drama. There's something so compelling about famous literary salons and tight-knit artistic movements — Hemingway and Fitzgerald drank together! Zora Neale Hurston was in love with Langston Hughes! — and the more genuises you pack into one smoky bar, the more fascinating anecdotes you end up with.

Thankfully for me, you, and every lost young artist we know, there are plenty of books about these exciting groups of brilliant people, so that when we're done reading our favorite writer's fiction, we can turn to the even-more-fascinating truth. The following biographies and memoirs are more scandalous than tabloids (Lord Byron slept with who?!) and full of more insider literary references than a library (Edna St. Vincent Millay hung out with her?!). Pour yourself a smoky glass of Scotch before you crack these volumes open, and dream up what you'd say if you were invited to the party.

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