50 Cent Hates Puffy's Song, Reverts to Old, Nasty Methods of Self-Promotion

50 Cent's soon-to-be-released Animal Ambition album may be new, but his approach to promoting his work isn't. Judging by his latest smart-ass comment, he's resorting to his same old rehashed, transparent tactic of name-checking people for attention. On the receiving end this time around is Puff Daddy and his single "Big Homie," which 50 bluntly refers to as "garbage."While I may agree that Puffy's latest isn't exactly a groundbreaking masterpiece, I certainly hope that come June 3, 50's newest offering contains something far better than what he's dismissing as trash. The simple fact that he has no problem diminishing the works of others makes me feel like Animal Ambition will be seriously lacking in the new and innovative department. And proving that absolutely no one is exempt from his criticism, he recently likened two of his G-unit members and longtime friends to "spoiled milk," telling New York radio station Power 105 that "They have an expiration date and no matter what you do, they'll spoil after a while." He also referred to them as "hype men" after they appeared in another rapper's video, although he claimed his statement contained no malicious intent.Who knows what led to this little tiff among friends, but whatever the case may be, 50 needs to come up with a new approach. Not to go too far in defending Puffy's song, but 50 choosing to downplay someone else's music doesn't make his seem any more appealing. Sure, his bulldozing method has successfully annihilated a rap career or two, but at some point, it starts to look like a case of the snot-nosed playground bully no one wants to play with.Controversy's definitely a part of 50 Cent's game, but when it's constantly sold and packaged in the same manner, it not only makes the final product appear less than ambitious, it looks plain lazy.