5 Reasons Why 'Once Upon A Time's Hook & Emma Belong Together

Are we starting to get a little over-emotional about Hook and Emma on Once Upon A Time ? Probably, but that doesn't mean we're going to stop looking for reasons why Emma and Hook belong together. Especially after last week's cruel twist that's basically doomed their potential relationship when they were so close to finally getting to the bottom of their feelings. I know, I know, Neal's body is hardly even cold yet and we're trying to find a new man for Emma. And if it were any other character besides Hook, we wouldn't be so into it, but we really can't ignore the fact that these two belong together.

Earlier in Season 3 I weighed the pros and cons of Emma choosing Hook or Neal and ultimately gave my vote to the reformed pirate. Because, well, he's consistently growing and he's got the fact that he and Emma don't have a dysfunctional past to haunt their relationship. So, more or less, I've been a Hook and Emma 'shipper since day one — even Prince Charming approves, so we really can't protest too much. And since OUAT's midseason finale, he's continuously proved himself to Emma, her parents, Henry, and just the general population of Storybrooke. Hook truly is a changed man now.

Unfortunately for us, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz decided to throw a major wrench in the future of their relationship during last week's episode when the Wicked Witch cursed Hook's lips. (If he and Emma kiss, she'll lose her powers to Zelena.) And while we collectively sobbed because we just want Emma to be happy again and in a semi-functional relationship, we also came up with a list of things that prove they belong together.

He Saved Her Family — Twice

Earlier this season, Hook saved David from being poisoned to death by Dreamshade and on top of that, he also figured out a way for him to be able to leave Neverland (something he wasn't able to do for his own brother). So there's that. The second time was during the second half of Season 3, when Hook went looking for Emma in NYC — only to have her arrest him and be generally creeped out by his presence. Her family needed her and he found her and managed to convince her that she should drink that questionable liquid from a dusty, old vial. Without him, Emma would have no family — and considering he has none of his own, it's impressive that he cares so much about hers.

He Gets Along With Henry

Henry has no clue who Hook is and yet, they've been getting along like old friends. After getting his memory wiped, Henry's not exactly the same approachable, friendly kid he was before. He's also kind of going through puberty now and we all know what happens there. But somehow, Hook's managed to get past Henry's mental block and connect with him — which is really all Emma can ask for in a partner, considering Henry just lost his birth father.

They've Got Natural Chemistry

If that kiss in Neverland wasn't enough to convince us that these two have incredibly chemistry, all of those lingering stares full of longing from last week's episode were. Emma and Hook ignored their feelings and their natural chemistry for so long that now it's threatening to explode all over Storybrooke — and the Wicked Witch should probably be afraid of that. Because that kiss was fiery when it happened and neither of them are anywhere near over it. Everything about their behavior suggests a natural, almost gravitational pull towards one another — I mean, how could she not be drawn towards that amazing accent?

The Relationship Has Dad's Blessing

Again, Hook did save Charming's life. He also proved that he really is a good guy deep down to Emma's royal father when he told her that Neal was alive, even though he knew it'd kill any chances of their relationship going anywhere. He clearly respects Emma and Charming respects that — we can't imagine he'd ever be disappointed if these two got together.

They're Both Still Growing

And what better way to continue their journeys than by finding a person to grow alongside them? Emma's still trying to recover from her feelings of self-doubt and pain over being left behind one too many times. While Hook's still dealing with the still-unidentified trauma from his past. And they've both got a long way to go before they're at peace with Neal's death — seeing as they both had a strong, emotional connection to him. Long story short, they're both on their way to becoming the human beings they're supposed to be after years of being less-than-satisfactory and that can only make their bond stronger.

Images: ABC, veliis1/Tumblr