Are 'Once Upon A Time's Hook & Emma Together? Let's Get This Almost-Romance on The Road

ABC's Once Upon A Time is finally getting back to what's really important — whether or not Emma and Hook are going to kiss and give their romance a shot. Showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz revealed, following the tragic death of Henry's father, Neal, that Emma isn't heading for romance anytime soon . Just because they aren't going to hook up (ha) right away, doesn't mean that they don't have to talk about that kiss in Neverland or the fact that they've got chemistry. In the promo for Sunday night's "Jolly Roger," it looks like Hook might finally break the ice with Emma to find out where they stand — at least, we hope that's what's going on.

Regardless of which 'ship you were rooting for (my condolences to those who 'shipped Emma and Neal), you can't deny that Emma and Hook had some serious chemistry going for them when OUAT introduced their love triangle. And it definitely didn't hurt that he got David's seal of approval and saved his life (kind of a big deal on both accounts). But somewhere around fighting their way out of Neverland, saving David from death by poison, rescuing Neal from a tiny cage, oh, and Emma's memory getting wiped — their relationship fell by the wayside. Emma and Hook shared one passionate kiss in Neverland and that's all their fling ever became, much to fans' (and my) chagrin.

So what does it mean that Hook wants to talk it out? In the promo for the upcoming, Hook-centric episode, the reformed, eyeliner-wearing, captain of the Jolly Roger tells Emma, "You can't just pretend like this never happened." Like what never happened — their kiss, Neal's death, something else entirely?

Personally, we hope he means the kiss and their kind-of, almost relationship because it's about damn time they talked it out. And, if we left this up to Emma, they'd NEVER figure out whether or not they can make things work. It's definitely too soon for them to get together, I think we can all agree on that. But it's definitely time for them to talk about where they're at. He didn't twist her arm to kiss him, after all. Emma deserves a shot at a decent relationship. And now that Hook's proved that he's got Emma's and her family's best interest at heart multiple times, he's definitely the guy to give her that.

Watch the promo for "Jolly Roger" here:

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