Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs Tops Forbes Richest List, Could Be a Billionaire By Next Year

If you need to borrow a few extra bucks you should ask Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs because he has 700 million dollars. His wealth of cash landed him at the top of Forbes richest hip-hop artists list where he lords over Dr. Dre who only has a measly $550 million and Jay-Z and his $520 million. Birdman and 50 Cent rounded out the list, but with just a fraction of that at $160 and $140 respectively. Now we know the real reason behind 50 Cent's anger towards Puff Daddy's new song: he's just mad that he doesn't have as much money. Meanwhile, Kanye West didn't make the list at all so we can probably expect some all-caps hate tweets later #nodisrespecttopuffdaddy.

Combs also topped the same list last year with $580 million. That means in one year he racked up $120 million. Clearly I picked the wrong career path because he is making bank.

But how did he afford all those name changes and still rack up a hefty estate? By taking on multiple projects. Instead of relying solely on income from music, Combs branched out to television, alcohol, and fashion. His network Revolt TV and his deal with Ciroc vodka also brought in a lot of money. Plus his Sean John clothing line had him dressing dapper and making even more cash. No wonder he's so rich, he probably has all his Macy's commercial doubles out there working for him.

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At the rate he's going, Combs could hit the billionaire mark within the year, becoming the first hip-hop artist to ever do so. If that ever happens, we hope he changes his name again to include his new monetary status. Puff Daddy Billionaire would be a pretty sweet moniker.