Why We Love The Long Island Medium

There's a lot to love about Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo — her grooming habits, the Debi Mazar voice, the playful banter with her hubby and kids — and apparently America agrees. Season 5 of the TLC show premiered last month, thrilling fans who can't help but feel a bond with their favorite blonde medium. Lucky for them, after three years of reading for TV, Caputo hasn't lost any steam and is as sound byte-ready and GIF-able as ever.

Here are a few of the things we love most about TV's most... uniquely styled Long Islander.

She can help you cry it out

You know that feeling you get when you're super depressed but you just can't cry? Just as she helps families connect with their long-gone loved ones, the Long Island Medium can help you connect with your feelings. Grab your best hankie and blankie, snuggle up in the fort of sadness you've created out of your bed, and get your Netflix binge on (or if you need to weep in a hurry, hit up our list of sob-inducing Long Island Medium vids).

Through the tears, she can make you laugh

Because really, how could you not? The woman is nuts. She's fabulous, but totally crazy. Then there's that sweet spot — you get three, four, maybe five episodes into a marathon, and you've alternated between crying and laughing that you only have it left in you to laugh hysterically. Maniacally, even.

She doesn't pretend she's not just as blown away by her psychic abilities as we are

Episode after episode features Caputo making this face:

Is there anything that won't shock her? I hope not. Nothing pairs better with hair like that than a sense of childlike wonder.

That towering mound of hair

Speaking of Caputo's hair, it's hard to find the right words to describe it. It literally doubles the size of her head and seems to defy gravity itself. It's like a Kate Gosselin wig blew up. It's like one day, she was so surprised, her eyebrows rose high enough to lift up her hair and it got stuck like that. And it's perfect. One might wonder just how she does it, until seeing footage of her hairspray delivery. I'd say she's clocking in at about a can-and-a-half per day, which makes me wonder if she's not like 50 percent responsible for global warming.

Image: TLC; Tumblr/TLCNetwork