"Let It GoT" Is the 'Frozen,' 'Game of Thrones' Mashup You Need — VIDEO

And now, for your viewing pleasure: another Frozen-Game of Thrones mashup, but this time, it's from the audience's perspective. I know, I know, you've had your fill of Game of Thrones/Frozen mash-ups, and we've close to exhausted "Let It Go" parodies, but we can likely make room for one more... right? This one, "Let It Go(T)" is pretty clever, anyway.

This Frozen parody was penned by Gail Folsom, Dave Gonzales, and Joanna Robinson, and it features Folsom on the vocals. They've written some pretty clever lines about what it's like trying to watch HBO Go (SOOOO SLOW), especially when you steal it from your parents (raises hand slowly). The parody also pokes fun at the recasting of Daario, and it's got some great lines like, "and let's be honest, no one cares about Bran," but be sure to watch 'til the end for some vocal prowess exhibited through the vowels of "HODOOOOORRRRR."

So, even if you saw Wednesday's excellent "Let It Go" parody featuring the Khaleesi on Elsa's power notes, you should definitely check this one out. Even if you're suffering from "Let It Go" fatigue, Game of Thrones, as it veers toward the third episode of Season 4, always warrants more parodies. Like, have you seen this Mean Girls meme-mashup? Or this fusion of Disney and The Red Wedding? Or this very, very, very special rendition of "Dick In A Box?"

Anyway, check it out below! But be warned — SPOILER ALERT if you're not caught up yet. Nevertheless, Jon Snow never bothered you anyway.

David Chen on YouTube

Image: Youtube