Lindsay Lohan Teaches 'Parent Trap' Handshake to Andy Cohen & '90s Kids Will Love It — VIDEO

For those who only tuned in to the main show of Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live! earlier this week, you got to see guest Lindsay Lohan explain the origins of her sex list and talk about her jail time — but unless you stayed around to watch the after show portion, you missed the best part of Lohan's entire appearance. In "Teach Me Your Talent," a recurring segment on the show, Cohen asked his guest to teach him the trick '90s kids spent countless hours perfecting: how to perform the famous handshake from The Parent Trap .

"There's many great moments from The Parent Trap," Cohen began, "but I love the handshake you do." The audience cheered as Lohan, laughing, said that performing the shake would "make or break" her, but a moment later, she and Cohen were standing up, arms at the ready. After a bit of struggle — Cohen had some trouble with the hand castle part of the shake — the duo got the hang of it. A few side jumps and butt bumps later, the handshake was complete, with a visibly pleased Lohan accepting Cohen's enthusiastic thanks for teaching him the most memorable handshake of the mid-1990s.

Watching Lohan throw back to her child-star days so enjoyably was sweet, especially considering the seriousness of the material she and Cohen had been covering just a few minutes earlier. After a rough few years (to say the least), it's nice to see Lohan happy, even if it's just for a few, nostalgic moments. Also, any TV segment that gives us an excuse to re-watch Parent Trap for the thousandth time is a win in our book.

Watch Lohan and Cohen's handshake, as well as the original scene, below:

Image: Bravo