'Bunheads' Canceled, But Could It See a Kickstarter Future?

Okay, so Bunheads has been canceled. If anyone's most likely to fall into a deep, Gilmore Girls-marathoning, mallomar-binging depression over this, it's us. Oh, and these guys:

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But if there's one thing our generation of TV enthusiasts has learned, it's that there's no such thing as a show we can't revive. 

ABC Family has given up their first critically beloved original show, but let's be honest — the network was never good enough for Bunheads anyway. It didn't reach its intended audience quickly enough (we have to assume, based on a ratio of TV ratings vs. Internet ratings, that there's been a lot of torrenting going on here), and the intermittent ads for shows about lying, murderous teens were really disorienting. 

So, we're going to view this brutal let-down as an opportunity: Veronica Mars did it via Kickstarter and Arrested Development did it through Netflix — whoever decides to pick up this absolute gem of a show is guaranteed an enormous viewership of diehard Bunheads.

Campaigning starts....now.

Image: ABC Family

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