Idris Elba Tweets Photo of New Baby & It's Adorable in More Ways Than One — PHOTO

Idris Elba has been having a good year. He starred in the Nelson Mandela biopic. He's aspiring to play the lead in a superhero movie. There's even talk of a potential Luther film coming soon. Could Elba's life get any better? Even more importantly, could we love him any more than we do already? Apparently it can and we definitely can. He's a father — again! Idris Elba's son, Winston, was born on Thursday to Elba and his girlfriend Naiyana Garth and Elba's reaction was the cutest thing ever.

The Wire actor got on Twitter to share the moment with his followers, tweeting a picture of Winston's tiny hand wrapped around one of Elba's comparatively large fingers. "My Son Winston Elba was born yesterday..Truly Amazing :-)," he said in the accompanying tweet. Truly amazing indeed, although he is probably talking about the baby whereas I am talking about what an amazingly good father he is.

If there's one thing that must suck about being the child of a celebrity, it's knowing that you'll one day grow up to be able to Google your own baby picture. Not only did Elba take the plunge and release the first picture of his newborn on his own terms, but it's also an incredibly tasteful shot that shows nothing but the baby's hand. It's the perfect way to share his proudest moment with the world without actually inviting anyone to invade his privacy. Seriously, could we possibly love him more?

Check out the picture below.