Wait Til You See "Happy" Without Music

Do you ever get hit-song fatigue? I do, and right now, I'm sure as hell sick of "Happy." But!I have the perfect anecdote for my (or anyone's) distaste for that ubiquitous song. Here is a video of Pharrell's "Happy" with no music. Yup, you read that correctly. "Happy" with no music. In other words, "Happy" gets "creepy" over here. Also, it's freaking HILARIOUS. Win for the day!

In this two minute delight, the super popular anthem of joy, cheerfulness, and light gospel claps takes on a whole new look. The minions from Despicable Me 2 also seem a little less happy and whole lot more like those terrifying costumed characters you see at Disney World or in Times Square. (Fun fact: I have an overwhelming fear of the costumed characters in Times Square. Somehow the ones at Disney Theme Parks placate my fear slightly, but those Times Square ones — eek. Anyway.)

Surely, Pharrell would not cry as he did on Oprah when he saw people singing his song. Perhaps, however, he will be able to have a chuckle at this.

Now, I want to clap along. Now, I feel like a room without a roof (which, may I add, sounds moderately terrifying. Wouldn't you get soaked if it rained?).

Anyway, check it out below!