"Happy" Brings Pharrell Williams to Oprah-Induced Tears. Aww! — VIDEO

Sure it may be the current most-overplayed-song-in-America, but once upon a time, Pharrell Williams' single off his current album G I R L — the ubiquitous "Happy" — brought the singer a lot of joy. So much so, in fact, that it brought him to tears in front of Oprah Winfrey (because of course it was Oprah Winfrey) — aww you guys! This is so sweet and adorable. We promise, no matter how tired you may be of the song (we've yet to reach that point, but we're also part maniac obsessive), this video will make you feel that sunshine-y joy from your first few listens all over again.

The recently married singer and professional wearer of silly hats gets supremely genuine and heartfelt in the clip, hilariously positing "why am I crying on Oprah?" as if that were a real question. Please! Is there a single person in the universe who has been interviewed by the Queen of All Things about something near and dear to their hearts that hasn't cried? Because that person is likely a monster, and you, dear Williams, are no monster. You're a spirited and spritely man who's made an entire world put down the negativity for .5 seconds and just be, well, happy.

As someone who spends the majority of their time on the Internet, we can confirm that's a gargantuan fucking task and one we'd not thought possible in these modern times. So it's okay that you're teary, Pharrell. You've earned it!