Seth MacFarlane Promotes His New Movie With Butt Jokes Instead of NPH'S Awesome Mustache — PHOTOS

So, we've got a tweet from Seth MacFarlane promoting A Million Ways To Die In The West , and now we know that there will be (drum roll please)... jokes about ladies' butts in the movie! What, are you surprised? This is the man who brought you Ted and Family Guy. Oh, and Dads. (Shudder.)

The tweet (which you can see below) suggests that there may be some sexism in the movie — as the picture in the tweet has text that says "DAT AZZ ON FIRE GURL." Um, okay. The movie actually did sound funny, if a little cringe-worthy and over-the-top with the raunch. It's got a top-notch cast, all of whom are actors who are not ones to shy away from the bawdy and bold, like Neil Patrick Harris (with an EXCELLENT mustache, may I add) and Sarah Silverman.

BUTT (pun intended. Haha? No? Okay) I'm not about to take this jokey pic of a bustle representing junk in the trunk too far. After all, the trailer looks pretty funny, and we'll likely be in for something that's slap-happy and raunchy, even if it does incite the occasional eye-roll here. I'm more into the old-timey poster campaign ("Westward Ho!"), and I'm sure the lot of us can agree that there are better ways to promote a movie with an all-star cast than with gurl yo azz kind of jokes, but hey, ya gotta get the ass-happy folks on Twitter in the theaters, too.

Oh, and let's take a look at NPH's sweet 'stache. Now there's a way to promote a movie.

Image: Universal