What Happens When MacFarlane Marries The Old West?

Things escalate rather quickly in the first trailer for A Million Ways To Die In the West . In that, well, we're introduced to one of those ways to die pretty immediately, and it's pretty gruesome. Luckily we're all saved pretty quickly by Amanda Seyfried, Neil Patrick Harris, Charlize Theron, and more. Seth MacFarlane clues audiences in on his hypothesis for the film pretty quickly, too: "The American West is a terrible place in time; everything out here that's not you wants to kill you." So, yeah, seems this movie's going to be full of death, but what did you expect, that they were lying with that title?

We brought you the film's collection of character posters yesterday, and this trailer (which is red band and NSFW language-wise, just so's ya know) takes us through the process of actually getting to know them. There's Albert (MacFarlane), who acts as the film's mouthpiece; Charlize Theron as the new girl in town and Albert's partner in protagonisting/love; Seyfried as Harris' ex and Harris as said ex's new mustachioed lover-man; Silverman as the town hooker; Liam Neeson as the gun-slinger against whom MacFarlane must compete. Etc.

The cast includes a lot of people we're not as used to seeing in outlandishly comedic roles, so hopefully that will be more raucously fun than it will be uncomfortable. And hopefully that scene with the Native Americans won't turn out as racist as it seems.

Image: Universal