High-Schooler Suspended for Asking Miss America to Prom, Causes Twitter Uproar

Prompting social media to erupt in a wave of support for the romantic high-schooler, eighteen-year-old Patrick Farves was suspended after asking Miss America to prom earlier this week, in spite of being warned against it by the school administration.The Central York High School senior got a three-day suspension for“deliberately defying” the school's orders — although he'll likely find himself spoiled for choice when it comes to prom dates.

Although a member of the school staff got wind of Farves' plan to ask the beauty queen out — and subsequently cautioned the teen that any such action would be deemed inappropriate — on Thursday, Farves stoop up in an auditorium of his peers during Nina Davuluri's question-and-answer session at Central York High School, approached the mic and said: "Miss America, I have a question." He then asked the beauty pageant winner to go to the prom with him. Though she laughed, the 18-year-old senior was undeterred, running up to the stage and handing her a flower before asking for a selfie with her.

"At that point in time, it was 10 minutes before the presentation, and I was pretty much set to do it," he told the York Dispatch. "I was a little pressured. Everybody expected me to do it. I'm the kind of person who, if someone says I won't do something, I'll prove people wrong. I will."

"She just kind of laughed and I gave her the little flower I got," Farves said later to Fox43.com. "And I went up and ... asked her if I could get a selfie with her. And she was like maybe later, and I never got the selfie." (Maybe he should have tried a chicken corsage, instead.)

The teen was then pulled out of the assembly and given three days of in-school suspension, and though the Twittersphere has blown up with a #FreePatty campaign, Farves has since apologized to the school administration. "I do understand why the administration was mad," he said to the Dispatch. "I don't want to be the kind of person to try to justify myself ... I didn't intend to disrespect the administration. I can see how it was seen as a slap in the face."

Though the high-schooler will have to resign himself to not dancing the night away with the reigning Miss America, the stunt has certainly earned him some badass brownie points — and he'll likely have his choice of dates for the prom. In spite of this, it turns out he might be flying solo anyway: "For prom I'm probably just, I don't know, I might go alone," Farves told Fox43.com. What a maverick.