Best News: Laura Prepon Will Be on "Orange Is the New Black" Season Three Full Time

First, we were gifted with that full season two trailer last week, and now this — it truly is a great time for Orange Is the New Black fans. According to Vulture, series star Laura Prepon is set to appear on  Orange Is the New Black full time during the show's third season, as opposed to the "few episodes" she'll appear on this coming season. Reasoning? Netflix has yet to officially comment on the change of heart, but Buzzfeed has this tidbit:

In other words, she realized that it would be the stupidest decision of her career to leave Orange Is the New Black now, and that this wasn't a season eight of That 70's Show situation where she really should've left when Topher Grace bowed out. Orange Is the New Black isn't That 70's Show, girl! This is a show to stick with for life.

This is all, of course, hinging on the assumption that Orange Is the New Black will be renewed for a third season, but...c'mon. It's that just a formality, at this point?

Image: Netflix; Imgur