This 'RHOA' Fight Didn't Start At The Reunion

One of Bravo’s guiltiest pleasures will air its reunion show when the Real Housewives of Atlanta gather for one last hurrah. NeNe, Phaedra, Porsha, and company will come together Sunday and from what we’ve learned thus far, the episode won’t disappoint. Shade will be cast, salt will be thrown, and Phaedra is rumored to possibly leave the show altogether. But as the drama goes down, you wouldn't be the only one in need of a reminder: Why are Porsha and Kenya fighting, again?

The ladies have each gone through changes this season, both on and off screen, some of the worst, some for the better. Kandi Burruss recently tied the knot with her beau Todd Tucker and Porsha Williams’ messy divorce from former pro NFL player Kordell Stewart was finalized. Phaedra Parks served as in unintentional example of perseverance as her marriage to Apollo Nida crumbled before us, NeNe Leakes proved that the struggle to resume life after Hollywood is indeed real, and Kenya Moore set about getting IVF treatments to have a baby with a man who we're not entirely sure actually exists.

Even the guests who have appeared throughout the season served up good drama; Kandi’s overbearing mother Mama Joyce kept her insults and shoes in-hand, and Marlo Hampton inched ever closer to actually becoming on the of the Housewives.

What is a girl to do to maintain a vice grip on her 15-minutes of fame with all this going on? As seen in recent clips, Moore brought along props to the Reunion show determined to not to be outdone. But her attempts to remain relevant may have pushed fellow cast member Porsha, who is usually soft-spoken if not at times whiny, over the edge. The two get into fisticuffs at some point in the show, and now at least one, if not both, are being considered for termination by the Bravo higher-ups.

Just how did the fight get this far? Was Porsha’s outburst in relation to recent whispers that she was on the cutting table for not being dramatic enough? Or was something else at play?

They did not wake up like this

Last Sunday’s episode may have been the first time that things got physical, but the fight itself started two seasons ago. The two have rarely been on the same side of any quarrel. That’s not too surprising either; they are quite different. Porsha is most likely to accidentally start a fire and run away from the scene, whereas Kenya — she started the fire and she’s going to stay and watch it all burn.

When they first met, in Season 5’s “Call Me Miss U.S.A.,” Kenya was put off by what she thought was Porsha’s inquisition into her personal life, and things didn’t get any better either when at the Hosea Williams Foundation charity event, Porsha referred to Kenya as "Miss America" as opposed to "Miss USA." Moore hasn’t been able to forgive her for this apparently egregious transgression ever since. Considering Porsha, granddaughter of civil rights pioneer Hosea Williams, didn’t even know what the Underground Railroad was, we’re willing to bet she simply misspoke, but good luck trying to convince Moore that wasn’t shade.

The only thing they seem to share is a desire for children. But the desire is as far as it goes. Throughout Season 6, Kenya got the impression that Porsha wasn’t as supportive as she needed to be, and that lack of jubilation got her and Phaedra uninvited to a fertility ceremony in Mexico.

Reality TV is a Contact Sport

For the majority of the current season, Porsha dealt with the blowback of Kordell filing for divorce. She spent a lot of time trying to figure out what exactly she wanted. Kenya reacted to Porsha’s pity party by accusing the whole marriage of being a sham and calling Porsha a beard. The charges forced Williams to spend a lot of time defending her past relationship — something people have a hard time doing when they’re still together. Imagine having to do it when your significant other is no longer in the picture. She went into the reunion tired of having to play defense, and armed with some perhaps misplaced anger.

Looking back, Moore’s response to the entire marriage is all the more confusing when you recall that just the season prior she was caught in a similar situation. Remember the whole Walter Jackson fiasco? After the show ended he revealed that they weren’t a real couple and it was all a front orchestrated by Kenya. She in turn questioned his sexuality.

You’d think Kenya would have some sympathy for what Porsha was going through. But ultimately, this is "reality" TV and earn your paycheck by being a character. So, she found a door and she went through. Where did it lead her? Well, we can’t win them all.

Images: BravoTV/Tumblr, BriceSander/Tumblr