The White Stripes' Jack White Managed To Break A Major World Record Today

Congratulations are in order for a certain musician who broke a record at 10 a.m. today, which also happens to be Record Store Day. Definitely not a coincidence. Apparently, Jack White had the world’s fastest released record from the studio to the stores this morning, after recording a limited edition 7-inch record of the title track from his album, Lazaretto. As in, he recorded it, and it was immediately printed and distributed at a record store. That's impressive.

Lazaretto itself will see a release on Tuesday, June 10.

So, how did White do it? He recorded the track before a small crowd, then immediately had the master recording taken from the Third Man Records’ blue room to United Record Pressing. The master was taken from the building White was in by an “Electric Citicar,” which was driven by the members of the band Whirwind Heat (because why not?). They were even escorted by two Third Man employees dressed as ‘70s highway patrol officers and riding on motorcycles, according to The Tennessean. It all sounds like a huge publicity stunt, of course, but cool nonetheless.

Upon arrival, the company immediately began pressing the sleeves for the records, which featured images that were taken that day at his show. Once they were finished, White himself took the records to Third Man Records, where fans were waiting to buy his work.

Third Man Records took to Twitter to comment how White broke the record in three hours and ten minutes. Clearly he'll be sleeping happy tonight.