Disney's Matthew Smith Defends Bryan Singer, Claims Sexual Assault Accusations are 'B.S.'

As the story of Michael Egan's accusations that he was sexually assaulted by X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer continues to unfold, another voice has entered the fray: Matthew Smith, an actor who has appeared on Wizards of Waverly Place, Zoey 101, and Drake & Josh, has come forward with the fact that, though he was once in a similar situation to Egan, Singer was never harmful or inappropriate with him.

According to TMZ, Smith was 17 when he met Singer in 2007 — the same age Egan was in 1999 — and though the two spent plenty of time together over the next two years, even time alone, the director never got aggressive. Apparently, Singer even invited Smith's mother to accompany them to dinner once.

As to his opinion's on Egan's assault charge, Smith seems to side with Singer's lawyers in insisting that Egan is just in it for the forthcoming cash boon sure to come off of the soon-to-be-released X-Men film. His exact words: "[Egan]'ll get murdered in court."

Of course, it's entirely possible that Singer acted differently with different young men, especially given that Egan's accusations detail events almost a decade before the director even met Smith. While the Singer defense surely appreciates Smith's support, it's clear that more evidence will need to come to light before these unsettling allegations can be put to rest.