'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Accused of Sexually Abusing a Teenage Boy

Disturbing allegations have just been released in connection to X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer. According to reports, a lawsuit has been filed against Bryan Singer by Michael Egan, who is accusing the director of sexual abuse. The Wrap has reported that defendant Egan is accusing the director of drugging and raping him back in 1999, when he was 17 years old. Egan claims that Singer used his power in Hollywood to exploit the teenager, flying him to Hawaii for sex on more than one occasion.

Egan alleges that the abuse from Singer began when Egan was an aspiring actor in Hollywood. He goes on to claim that he attended several parties at the M & C Estates in Encino, Calif. where Singer would ply Egan, as well as several other young men, with drugs and alcohol. Allegedly, Singer would then tell Egan to keep the guests of the party "happy" or else his family would be in danger. Egan claims that in exchange for him "performing" at these parties, Singer told Egan that he would put him up for acting roles. Reportedly, the abuse continued in Hawaii, where Egan claims that he would be flown out to in order to meet up with Singer.

Singer's lawyer, Martin Singer, has replied to these allegations, saying that they are "completely without merit," and that "this case was filed in an attempt to get publicity at the time when Bryan’ s new movie is about to open in a few weeks."

Hopefully the truth, and justice, will prevail.