Miley Cyrus Can't Smoke Weed in the Hospital & She's Freaking Out About It

Miley Cyrus has been out of commission since April 15 when she was hospitalized for a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic Cephalexin. Since then, Cyrus has been routinely updating fans about her status with loads of hospital bed Instagram selfies and tweets about her cancelled concert dates. The updates have been sad all along with Cyrus upset that she's disappointing fans who bought tickets to her shows and wishing she could leave, but things took an even sadder turn on Sunday when Miley Cyrus missed 4/20 aka her favorite holiday.

As people who love Cadbury Mini Eggs just as much as they love smokin' da ganj know, 4/20 fell on Easter Sunday this year. This meant, that while Cyrus was able to enjoy some Easter presents in the hospital, celebrating 4/20 was not an option. Cyrus was not happy about this and based on the large number of crying cat emojis she used, she might have been sadder about missing out on 4/20 than she was about missing her shows. At the very least, missing 4/20 served as a wake up call about the severity of her situation.

Just look at this tweet she sent about her cancelled Nashville stop:

And this one about her rescheduled tour dates:

Obviously she's upset, but now look at these ones about missing 4/20:

Do you see the amount of Ks she used on "wack?" The way she capitalized "NOT?" The increased number of cat emojis?!?!!? Things got serious in that hospital bed yesterday. Reality crashed down in that hospital bed.

On the bright side, Cyrus got a ton of Easter presents from Flaming Lips frontman/BFF4L Wayne Coyne...

... that probably made her even more upset that she wasn't high because nothing satisfies the munchies like Peeps! (Right? I have no idea.)

On the even brighter side, the situation allowed her to bring us this lovely work of art:

There's always next year, Milez, or you can just reschedule 4/20 along with your concerts.

Images: Miley Cyrus/Twitter; Miley Cyrus/Instagram