Former Flat Shoe Designer "Teaching" Women How to Walk Correctly in Heels

In what I imagine was born in a similar manner to the “Pickup Artist” method of “wooing” women, a man named Victor Chu has decided he will teach women how to walk in heels. Granted, he is a former shoe designer, but for Reebok and Ugg, and to my knowledge, neither of these brands offer stilettos.

It’s unclear from the Time post whether or not Chu himself is an ardent and accomplished heel-walker, though I’m assuming not. Chu, if you are reading, please do let me know if I’m incorrect.

Although I agree that a woman new to high heels, or even an accomplished strutter with a new pair of shoes, should practice at home before hitting the streets, I can’t imagine why anyone would take lessons in walking in heels from a man.

He cites posture, an engaged core and calf stretches as the keys to walking correctly in stilettos. Fair points, but how much can he know without trying it himself? Chu mentioned to the New York Post that “Ninety-five percent of women won’t know how walk in high heels,” so therefore should pay the $50 he charges for a one hour class. Way to prey on insecure women, buddy.

I’m calling bullshit. Ladies, practice at home. If you’re new to heels, look to a fellow woman for guidance, someone who can elegantly descend a staircase with her head high. We really don’t need men telling us how to do this. It’s kind of like how I feel about reproductive rights. Stay out of my uterus and my shoe closet, please.

Image: Coka/Fotolia