Lindsay Lohan Is Dating a Married Man With Kids & Isn't Afraid to Admit It

Oof. It's an interesting couple of days when it comes to revelations about Lindsay Lohan. The first revelation was incredibly somber when on the Lindsay finale, she explained that a miscarriage was the reason behind her hiatus from filming. That revelation was a sad one. The newest one — that Lindsay Lohan's dating a married man — is by contrast heavily muddled with some more confusing elements. Lohan dropped this latest little tidbit in an interview with Kode Magazine:

Oh, this guy I'm seeing sent me a jet because he wants to see me. But he's married with kids.

We have a few questions right off the bat. The first is in relation to that jet thing, because yes, that does sound like something that would happen to someone like Lindsay Lohan or in Gossip Girl, but do people really do that? Just commission private jets to pick up their mistresses? I mean, I know they do, that is the world in which we all live. It's still bizarre though.

The second relates to the bigger thing from that tiny quote, which is this alleged affair Lohan's having with a married guy. Who has kids. The question here's a pretty simple one, and it's not even gonna touch on the morality of it all: Why the hell would she tell us that she was having an affair with a married dude? In what world would that help her? In what world would that help anyone, from the guy she's with, to her PR people (if she indeed still has those), to her attempts to jump-start her career?

Lohan has a lot of people rooting for her— including Oprah and myself. But this one's got a lot of people pretty baffled.