Is That Billie Joe Armstrong or Beetlejuice?

Ah, another Coachella has come and gone. Celeb fashion has been ogled. Head bands and crop tops have been worn to shreds. Musicians have basked in lush backstage treatments and tens of thousands of fans dance and trip out in the LA heat. One of this year's most-talked-about performances was a surprise spot by Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong during The Replacements' set. The iconic punk band's frontman Paul Westerberg was laid up during the festival after throwing out his back and Armstrong joined in to fill out the stage.

Armstrong stepped in and covered for the band who most certainly influenced and inspired Green Day's music. He was so excited by the opportunity that he exclainmed during his performance, "Dreams really do come true!" Armstrong bounced around the stage as Westerberg sat on a sofa and lied down on the stage as to not aggravate his back. I don't know about you, but that sure sounds like the most punk thing that happened during all of Coachella.

The Green Day frontman also joined the rest of their Replacements in their Coachella uniform: green checkered suits and bowties. And memories of going to Punk Rock Prom in high school just came flooding back...Armstrong's styling of his look not only brought us back to sweaty basement shows and mosh pits of Warped Tours passed...it also reminded us of a few other famous faces. Take a look.


And if you say "Dookie" three times in a row, Billie Joe Armstrong shows up!

Orville Redenbacher

I was into popcorn when it was underground.

Jack White

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The hair. The pale. The ness.

Jack Skellington

It's everything ever sold at Hot Topic!

Swedish Olympic Skier Henrik Harlaut

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Or Ras Trent, depending on your preference.

Tom Hanks halfway through Castaway

He's backstage tuning, chill.


Makes total sense!

Max the Dog

I wanna be where the American Idiots are...

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