Lorde Cancels Australian Tour, Cites Need To Regain “Gollum Girl Fitness” As Excuse

Following in the grand tradition of everyone ever, Lorde has cancelled her Australian tour. Man, Australian music fans really can't catch a break. Everyone cancels the Australian leg of their tour. I guess it makes sense because the Australia tends to be scheduled at the end when everyone is exhausted, but come on, Lorde! You're from that neck of the woods! What could happen that you, a 17-year-old girl who has been working seemingly non-stop for the past year, would need to cancel tour dates?

Well, if you must know, Lorde intense schedule is effecting her health and she has been told be doctors to stop for rest immediately. According to a statement released by the tour's promoter, Lorde was told to return home to New Zealand for "immediate rest and recuperation in order to regain complete health and continue touring for the rest of the year."

The statement also contained a message from Lorde herself:

Lorde was set to play seven shows in Australia starting on April 24. Tour organizers are said to be working to reschedule the dates.

It comes as no surprise that Lorde's health is feeling the effects of her schedule. In just the past month, Lorde played at Lollapalooza festivals in both Chile and Brazil, sang with Nirvana at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions, and performed at both weekends of Coachella. This girl need a break and she really hopes her Australian fans understand. Lorde reached out to her fans directly on Twitter and you can tell she's upset about the cancellation because 140 characters was not enough.

Get well soon, Lorde! I mean... Get "golum girl" fit!