Amy Poehler's 'Billy on the Street' Episode Proves Once & For All That People Like Her More Than Pitbull — VIDEO

It's just not safe to be an average person on the street anymore. It wasn't that long ago that we learned never to trust anyone who approaches us with a microphone because they could be Drake in disguise on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Of course, being wary of people on the street with microphones shouldn't be a lesson that people need to learn. In this social media based culture in which we livem it's just easier to trust no one. For example, if the rapper Pitbull comes hurtling down the street toward you, you should automatically suspect that it's actually Amy Poehler wearing a Pitbull mask. Because that's exactly what happened in the latest episode of Billy on the Street.

It's not the first time that Poehler and Billy on the Street host Bill Eichner have worked together. Eichner has a recurring role on season six of Parks and Recreation as Crazy Craig and Poehler's last Billy on the Street appearance was called "Christmas Carol Ambush", in which they accosted people on the street to sing Christmas carols with them for $1. This time, Eichner has Poehler wear a Pitbull mask and then drags her up to people, declaring that she is Pitbull before having her remove her mask and reveal that she's actually Amy Poehler.

"That's it? That's the game?" asked Poehler as they ran down the street, as if there might be some extra rules to go along with a game called It's Not Pitbull — It's Amy Poehler! Maybe she was expecting people to guess who she actually was for $1 before she pulled off the mask? Or for them to have to finish a Pitbull lyric in order to get her to pull off her mask and reveal herself?

The best part was the way people's faces would completely change when Poehler ripped off the mask. No one was interested or even remotely enthused by Pitbull, but several people screamed to discover that it was Amy Poehler standing in front of them. All except one man, who greeted Poehler politely and continued to look at her and Eichner as if waiting for the point of the sketch.

"I'm not familiar with it," said the man when Eichner asked if he had watched Poehler on Parks and Recreation. Poehler's reaction to that statement was more comedy gold than the entire video put together. Watch the hilarious sketch below.

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