Big Sean Is First to Rap at The White House & Now Obama Might Owe Jay Z an Apology

Big Sean makes coming off a breakup look easy as cake. On Monday, he performed at The White House with singer Ariana Grande for the Easter Egg Roll, making him the first rapper to rap at The White House. It's true that Big Sean has made his mark on the rap game, but it's sort of surprising that he was the first rapper who received this opportunity.

Because rappers aren't exactly known for their respectful lyrics, the amount of mainstream rappers who are suitable for White House performances are arguably slim. Perhaps this is the reason why rapper Common was invited to recite poetry and Queen Latifah's appearance last year featured her singing instead of rhyming. Aside from the fact that lyrical content can always be adjusted, there are other artists whose standing within the hip hop community should've made them first choice over the Hall of Fame rapper.

Take Jay Z, for instance. Shouldn't his bromance with the president count for something? Considering the fact that President Obama has Jay Z's music on his iPod and routinely exchanges text messages with the rapper, you would think Hov would've been the first to spit a few bars at The White House, no? Although the President isn't exactly comfortable with all of Jay's lyrics, surely he could put a creative spin on one of his classics to make for a suitable White House-appropriate rendition.

And although lately Pharrell's receiving more attention for his singing

than rapping, his increasingly long list of musical accolades automatically makes him more worthy of rocking the mic on a White House stage.

Judging by this toothy grin the president wore when meeting Pharrell, it's safe to assume that he would agree.

And as risky (and downright crazy) as this may sound, even a Kanye West performance would've made more sense. It could've represented the ultimate sign of forgiveness and unity. President Obama could forgive West for well, being himself, and perhaps West could forgive the president for calling him a jackass. Afterwards, they could bond over marriage talk and discuss what it's like to raise daughters.

Ah well, back in reality, the president and Kanye West probably still loathe one another, and Big Sean has gone down in rap history. He may not have been the best choice, but he certainly wasn't the worst. Watch the performance below: