Johnny Weir & Tara Lipinski Get Another Hosting Gig but We're Still Not Satisfied

After blowing everyone away with the shade of it all at the Olympics and making red carpet coverage at the Oscars fun again, Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir are getting yet another gig: covering fashion at the Kentucky Derby for NBC Sports. Of course, Lipinski and Weir are more than qualified fashion experts, as evidenced by their epic matching outfits almost everywhere they go. But we need more of this fabulous duo! More, more, more. More is better. Here are a few gigs that the pair would be absolutely perfect for:

The Westminster Dog Show

Sometimes, those dogs shows can get a little stuffy. Sure, there are bitches there, but there are no real bitches, you know? Lipinski and Weir would bring some much-needed sass to the show. Plus, somebody needs to judge those dogs on something other than their bite and tail length. I mean, what's up with that Shar Pei's coat, right?

RuPaul's Drag Race

Okay, yes, Weir was technically already a judge in Season 3. But this duo is a pair best not sold separately. The best judges on Drag Race are those who know how to play off the other judges, and Lipinski and Weir already have a well-established rapport. Plus, did we mention their on-point ensembles? Those two will know how to judge the runway looks like no other.

Dancing with the Stars

Dancing is basically ice skating except for there's no ice. Or skates. And it seems like it would be easier. (Also, why don't we have an ice skating reality competition show already? Jesus, do I have to think of everything around here?). Basically, Weir and Lipinski already know how to judge this, and they would bring some much-needed realness to the copious cheese that is Dancing with the Stars.


As much as we love Lipinski and Weir, they're no Tina and Amy. They're fun to watch together, but they don't have the kind of natural comedic talent that can hold together the drunken mess that is the Golden Globes. They do, however, have the sort of sparkle of youth and infectious energy that would be perfect for the VMAs. And you know they would call out Miley Cyrus at first twerk.