'Will & Grace' Reunion News Makes Us Wanna Drink

More bad news for today. The Wrap has confirmed that there will not be a Will & Grace reunion, not like we even had any idea that this was potential thing in the universe. But, hey, it follows the pattern; despite constant pleas from the Internet, there will also not be a Friends reunion. It's like NBC is trying to send us a memo that the glory days of the network are lost and gone forever. Can someone please me give me a bucket to cry in? Or...what would Karen do? Oh! A shot of vodka, please?

Thank you.

When The Wrap tweeted this piece of unfortunate information, folks were like, there was a Will and Grace reunion being DISCUSSED?! The subtext of that is hey, NBC, way to crush dreams I didn't even know that I had. NOW I HAVE TRUST ISSUES.

Will & Grace, believe it or not, is technically due for a reunion; it celebrated its 15th birthday last year. It was without a doubt a groundbreaking sitcom as it documented the friendship between a heterosexual woman and a gay man. It also gave us one of the best comedic duos in the history of, well, ever: Jack and Karen. The two of them do a better job expressing how we feel regarding this sad tidbit of information. First of all —

And, let's be honest here...

But, if we're sad, we know what Karen would say to us.

Well... okay.

Image: Jack GIF/Karen GIF/Karen GIF/ Will and Grace GIF