Why Have A Trial When You Can Go To Japan?!

This just in: Justin Bieber wants to delay his trial. So, he had his lawyer file a petition for an extension and has gone on a Japanese vacation with his mom, as ya do. Every time I think of ways to postpone dealing with my troubles, I, too, often call up my lawyer, then ask my mother to sojourn off to Japan, and if Japan is not on the radar, then I order sushi on Seamless and go on a Japanese vacation by proxy. Anyway, THIS is your daily dose of Biebs news. Also, now I want sushi.

So, in case you gave yourself a mental break regarding the trials and tribulations of Mr. Bieber, this is the trial surrounding his arrest on January 23. You know, that DUI that involved a yellow Lamborghini in Miami. So, three months later, it's time for Biebs to face the music, which is probably super scary for him because his fate is about to be determined.

Bieber is very likely freaking out right now, but instead of sharing with us his fears, tears, or whatever, he's distracting us all on Instagram with some pictures from his trip. What we can gather from this is that he's doing some mother-son bonding before the law starts censuring him, and he's getting a little cultural fixation.

Like, take a look at this happy picture on Instagram!

Ooh. Art. And here's Biebs with his Japanese friends as they all represent the West Side:

And here's Justin Bieber doing something deep that shows Instagram that he's a world traveler.

You know how it goes. Why have a trial when you can go to Japan? But c'mon Biebs — you know you've got to have that trial at some point. You don't want a life of running away from your problems, do you? But until then, uh, enjoy Japan.

Image: Instagram