Carson Daly, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton All Want Gwen Stefani on 'The Voice'

Let it be known that everyone who works on NBC's The Voice wants Gwen Stefani to be the next mentor/judge on the popular singing competition series. After word came that current mentor/judge Christina Aguilera would likely be taking some time off due to the new baby she's got on board her belly, several names were bandied about, including country-pop singer Jewel. But it seems that all the boys on the show — including host Carson Daly and fellow judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton — are totally on board for a Stefani invasion. In fact they all have no doubt (har har har) that it'll be a hit.

The most gushing of the three critiques of their potential new Voicemate was — of course — Adam Levine. "If there's any truth to the rumors, I'd just be really excited because I'm a huge fan — she's a wonderful human being, and I love her to pieces," Levine saidi. "She's so talented. She's just great."

Stefani also seems to be friendly with new co-host/replacement for Cee Lo Green, Pharrell Williams, as evidenced by photos of them recently performing together at Coachella.

"She would be great," Daly explained. "She's friends with the other coaches but has a strong opinion, which is also important. They can't all just be too lovey out there. So I think she'd be a solid choice ... She certainly fits that bill, that shortlist of what we have to be a good coach on the show, which is somebody who's got some experience and who's on top of their game."

As for everyone's favorite drunk uncle that isn't played by Bobby Moynihan on Saturday Night Live, Shelton had only this to say: "I know some of [No Doubt's] music — I'm not too familiar, but I look forward to beating anybody on this show, honestly!" To which we say: don't be so certain you'll win, Shelton. After all, Stefani ain't no hollaback girl (whatever that means, we're still not sure). Personally, we're all for this addition, because Holy 90s, Batman: Tragic Kingdom was the score of our melodramatic middle school lives.